Current and prospective undergraduate Humanities students at the UW are encouraged to meet with HAS academic advisers to discuss admission, declaring a major, graduation, academic planning, and personal issues affecting academic progress. Advisers are available for virtual, in-person, and phone appointments through the HAS Office in A-002 Padelford Hall.

Please note:

  • Per current UW guidelines, HAS is currently operating on a remote basis only due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • HAS does not currently support graduate students at this time; graduate students should work directly with their departments on advising questions.
  • For any questions regarding admission to the university, please contact the UW Office of Admissions directly.



1:1 Advising Appointments via Zoom

We offer appointments with an adviser Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. PST. Appointments need to be scheduled at least one day in advance and can be made up to two weeks out, with new appointment slots becoming available on a daily, rolling basis. To schedule an appointment, both current students and prospective students can use our online scheduling tool to book an appointment on a day and time that works for them. Phone appointments are also offered if Zoom is not available.

Schedule an Appointment Here



Drop-ins are perfect for quick questions or basic advising and do not require an appointment. Drop-in advising is managed on a first-come, first-seen basis through Zoom.

Drop-in advising will return in fall quarter 2021! During summer quarter, advisers have made extra space on their schedules for same day appointments if necessary. 


Email Advising

Please send questions to or an adviser directly to ask your questions via email. We will endeavor to respond to email inquiries within two business days. For the best and most timely response:

  • Use your UW email and include your student number.
  • Please do not email multiple advisers with the same question. Emailing will result in the quickest response times.
  • If asking for registration help, include the SLNs (Schedule Line Numbers) of all lectures & quiz sections.
  • Wait at least 2 business days for a response before emailing again.


Other Advising Information

Advising Appointment Attendance Policy

We understand that life happens, technology is imperfect, and that we're all generally doing the best we can. When you make an appointment, we set aside that time specifically for you. Only schedule an appointment that you can attend, as no-shows and last-minute cancellations prevent us from assisting other students.

  • Late arrival: If you know you will be late for your appointment, please notify the adviser by email. After your arrival, we are happy to meet with you for the remaining time scheduled.
  • Canceling/re-scheduling: If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel/reschedule your appointment ideally at least 24-hours in advance or contact the advisor by email.
  • No-Shows: No-shows without prior notification are logged in our scheduling system. While we try to provide maximum flexibility, repeat no-shows are highly discouraged; it is important to be considerate of both the advisers' and other students' time.

What to Expect in an Advising Appointment?

HAS advisers are here to work with you to navigate your degree and explore opportunities that impact your academic progress and career planning. Our advisers are looking forward to helping you plan for both your short and long-term goals – the more you connect with your support team, the more you’ll be able to make the most of your time at UW.

Here are examples of how you can work with our advisers:

  • Find out if a Humanities major or minor is right for you: See a HAS adviser to talk about declaring a major/ minor, finding out what being in a program really means for your day to day, or learning about prerequisites. Transfer students can work with advisers to find out which credits will be approved to count towards their degree at the UW.
  • Explore choices and navigate decisions: See how you can connect the Humanities to majors and minors in other departments around the UW. Talk about how you can customize your degree program to fit your interests, needs, and future goals. This can include funding resources, graduate school prep, professional development, and more.
  • Track progress: Consult with an adviser to check on your academic progress and build out your roadmap to graduation. Students can also work with advisers to create parallel plans in case circumstances change.
  • Customize your degree: Work with advisers to find out how to add experience, honors research, certificates, or training from other programs to specialize your degree. Advisers can help you make plans and discover opportunities around campus.
  • Study abroad: Forge a more global outlook! Explore study abroad opportunities with different departments and the UW Study Abroad Office. Work with a HAS adviser to see how courses are taken abroad can be used toward your degree. Start researching early!
  • Graduate: Apply to graduate and finalize your academic plans with an adviser. Get graduating senior priority (GSP) registration. Our advisers are here to support, guide, and connect you to resources to get you ready for the next chapter in your life! Students are eligible to start the application to graduate process once they have earned senior status at 135 credits.