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Declare a Major/ Minor

To learn more about the departments housed in the Humanities division and which majors or minors students can declare in the Humanities, see our page on Majors & Minors.

How to Declare a Major

  1. First, check the admission requirements for the major you are interested in to make sure you meet these requirements. Some majors have specific minimum requirements that need to be met first, while others don't. Note: Students can meet with advisers to work on declaring a major at any time in the quarter.
  2. Make an appointment with an adviser with HAS, and they will help you to declare your major officially by submitting the necessary form to the Registrar's office on your behalf.
  3. At HAS, advisers will typically use this appointment to answer student questions about the major, walk through the structure of the major, and help set students up for success with a recommended registration plan.

Make an appointment with a HAS adviser

How to Declare a Minor

  1. To declare a minor, you'll need to meet with the advising team that manages your major. Only advisers in your major department may sign the form to declare a minor; this is to ensure students meet satisfactory progress requirements.
  2. If you're a Humanities major, HAS advisers can help you declare your minor.
  3. If you're not a Humanities major, the HAS advising team can still happily answer any minor-related questions you might have about classes, timeline planning, or registration.

How to Double Major

  1. Check the admission requirements for the second major you're looking to add, then confirm with the advising team attached to your current (first) major to confirm you'll have the time and space in your schedule to pursue a second major.
  2. Next, make an appointment with an adviser with HAS - they will help you to declare your major officially by submitting the necessary form to both your current major advising team and the Registrar's office.
  3. If you can, bring the name and email address of your current (first) major's adviser to your meeting with us - that will help us to make sure your major declaration form gets routed to the right place.

Make an appointment with a HAS adviser

How to Drop/ Change a Major

Make an appointment with your new major advisor to add your new major and drop your old major.

How to Drop a Minor

Make an appointment with your major advisor to drop your minor.


Declaring a Major/Minor FAQ

  • Absolutely! You have the ability to change your major and minor at any time.

  • Yes. Most major coursework will also be applied towards a minor in the same department and you can change your major to a minor at any time.

  • Ultimately, we always suggest declaring your major sooner rather than later to give yourself access to any courses that may be designated “majors only.”

    As mentioned above, you are always able to change your major later on but HAS advisors are unable to override “majors only” course registration. It is highly recommended that you check in with an advisor before the beginning of a registration period to see if you are eligible to declare your major or to check in on what admission requirements you still need to complete.

  • Yes. Humanities majors are popular for double majoring, especially within language departments. Many of our majors and minors allow for coursework to be taken outside of the Humanities Division, allowing for flexible elective options and interesting research opportunities.