What can HAS advising help with?

Advising appointments offer students one-on-one time with a staff adviser to talk about questions, concerns, and plans they have for their UW experience. We offer options for both in-person and virtual advising, with extensive, comfort-inducing amenities for HAS center visitors. Our most common appointment topics include:

  • Understanding Humanities major and/or minor requirements
  • Declaring a Humanities major and/or minor
  • Course planning and registration assistance
  • Study abroad exploration and preparation
  • Career and internship support
  • Graduate school exploration


The HAS team is happy to assist both current and prospective undergraduate students who have an affiliation with (or interest in) one of 12 Humanities departments at UW - more info on who HAS serves can be found here. If you have a quick question, have a time-sensitive question, or scheduled advising slots are booked during times that work for you, consider drop-in advising or email advising.

For more details on how drop-in and email advising works, please see below.

Make an advising appointment!

Appointments can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance so that students can choose a day and time that works for their needs. Choose one of the options on the right to schedule your advising appointment today. Note: Appointment options are limited to a 2-week window, but new slots will become available on a daily, rolling basis.

Drop-in advising (Virtual/ In-person)

Drop-ins are perfect for quick questions or basic advising and do not require an appointment. Drop-in advising is available when classes are in session four days a week on a first-come, first-seen basis either through Zoom or by dropping in to the HAS center in Padelford Hall - just follow the instructions below during the days and times drop-ins are active, and we'll be ready to help. Here is the schedule for drop-ins this quarter:

  • Monday & Wednesday | 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. PST
  • Tuesday & Thursday | 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. PST

To connect to drop-ins, start by completing this check-in form to let us know what you're hoping to get help with. Then, either come by in-person or to virtual drop-ins through zoom via this zoom room.

Email Advising

If scheduled appointments and drop-in advising aren't an option for you, or you have specific materials that you need to send to our team, you can send your questions to our central inbox or to an adviser to get help via email. We will try where possible to respond to email questions within two business days, but responses may be delayed during times of high demand. For the best and most timely response, you can help us by remembering the following:

  • Use your UW email and include your student number - this helps us to look up your student profile.
  • Please do not email multiple advisers with the same question. Emailing our central inbox usually results in the quickest response.
  • If asking for registration help, please include the SLNs (Schedule Line Numbers) for all lecture & quiz sections you're looking to try and add.
  • Wait at least 2 business days for a response before emailing again - we promise, we'll get to your question as soon as we can.

Advising FAQs

  • No! Our advisers are cross-trained to help students connected to any major, minor, and department in the Humanities.  All of us are able to and happy to help you.

  • This is entirely up to you!  In addition to being cross-trained, our advising team is able to collaborate on student cases in the event that multiple advisers meet with the same student.  However, we acknowledge that the information shared in an advising appointment can sometimes be vulnerable and personal, so do not discourage students from meeting with the same adviser multiple times if they have developed trust with that particular adviser. 

  • If this is your first time visiting our space in person, then we recommend you check out this page to help find your way.

  • Appointments can be booked no later than a day in advance and no earlier than three weeks in advance.  If you are having trouble finding availability, check back the next day, as new spots open daily!

    • If you know you will be late for your appointment, please notify the adviser by email.  After your arrival, we are happy to meet with you for the remaining time scheduled.

    Depending on the time remaining, if you are running late, the adviser may ask that you schedule a second appointment in order to be able to conduct a thorough advising appointment. 

  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel/reschedule your appointment at least 24-hours in advance or contact the advisor by email, if possible. When you make an appointment with HAS, you should always receive a confirmation email - the link to reschedule or cancel your appointment can always be found in that confirmation email.

  • No-shows without prior notification are logged in our scheduling system.  You are still welcome to book another, separate appointment to get the assistance that you need.  While we try to provide maximum flexibility, repeat no-shows are highly discouraged to show consideration of both the advisers' time and other students' time. When you make an appointment with HAS, you can always use the link to reschedule or cancel your appointment in your confirmation email.

  • HAS serves both prospective and current undergraduates connected to the 12 Humanities departments.  If you are planning to major or minor in a Humanities subject, HAS is (one of) your advising team(s)!  

    Click here for a full list of majors and minors in the Humanities to check if your prospective/current major or minor is listed.

    Click here for a list of other advising teams and their emails. 

    • The HAS team is not able to advise for the following:
    • - Graduate students in the Humanities division.  Graduate students should work directly with their departments for advising and academic support.
    • - Questions regarding admission to UW.  Please contact the Office of Admissions for further support.
  • Not at all!  For quick questions, feel free to email us at has-center@uw.edu or call us at 206-543-2634.  We also encourage students to use drop-in advising, when it is available, for help with quick questions.