Humanities Academic Services (HAS) is a hub for undergraduate student services in the College of Arts & Sciences Humanities division. From student support and advising to engagement and data insights, HAS works to advance the Humanities experience at UW. Read on to learn about the values and prime directives we center our work around.

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HAS strives to be culturally sensitive, respectful, and transparent; we work to be accountable in our service.

Three students collaborate on a project


HAS is collaborative, inclusive, and proactive; we work with our community to solve problems and meet challenges together.

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HAS is innovative, curious, and driven to learn; we see that knowledge and growth comes through testing new ideas.

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HAS works to be humble and empathetic in service; we acknowledge the challenges our community faces as we work to lower barriers and improve lives.

When it comes to what we do, we center our work around three pillars: supporting students, raising the Humanities, and cross-campus collaboration. The specifics behind how we do this work are as follows:

Supporting students

  • HAS works to guide students to classes, resources, and opportunities across the Humanities through advising and engagement.

    Learn more about how we support students through our advising team here.

  • HAS collaborates with students to build educational plans; we facilitate holistic conversations on goals, aspirations, and the pathways that lead there.

    Explore the academic resources we've created for students here.

  • HAS works to empower students by helping them to make informed choices about opportunities for their future. We do this through continuously developing relevant, customized resources.

    See our dedicated resources on funding and wellness for Humanities students here.

Raising the Humanities

  • Through our team and our connections with the wider UW community, HAS advocates for Humanities students to be seen and heard by University institutions and administrators.

    Read more about how we connect our students with the College of Arts & Sciences here.

  • The HAS center works to raise the profile of the Humanities in our community by spotlighting students and faculty who do their work in the Humanities division; we do this through profiles, events, and course promotion across campus.

    Learn more about the incredible students and faculty of the Humanities at UW through our community profiles hub here.

  • HAS works with departments and students to provide insight into trends and opportunities in the Humanities; we do this to lower student barriers to success and to make Humanities programs more accessible.

    Learn more about the data insight and reporting services we offer for departments here.

Cross-campus Collaboration

  • HAS collaborates with colleagues in University-wide units like Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Study Abroad, International Student Services, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity to demystify and troubleshoot Humanities degree requirements.

    See how the work Humanities scholars do in language and literature fits into the structure of the wider University of Washington community here.

  • Through engagement events, student advising, and departmental services, HAS helps students, faculty and staff across UW navigate Humanities frameworks in a friendly, relatable way.

    See what we've been up to with engagement activity through our recent news section here.

  • HAS commits to collaborative learning and development in student services through training, coaching, and community participation with colleagues around campus. 

    Explore how our advising team connects and collaborates with UW's Association of Professional Academic Counselors here.

Connect with us

Whether you're a current or prospective student, alumni, faculty member, or member of the community, we welcome the opportunity to share more information about the Humanities Academic Services Center