Students line up in Husky Stadium for Commencement

Graduation & Beyond

Get ready for the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next with our resources on how graduation at UW works, what to expect, and how to connect your degree experience to what's next. Outside of the classroom, HAS can also help you get started with resources for career development and mentoring, grad school applications, and research opportunities.

If you did not already know, faculty are a great resource to utilize for multiple post-grad paths you may take.  Click here for our page on Working with Faculty as an undergraduate student to learn more about the questions you can ask them to gain even more support with your post-grad goals!

Dubs the Husky stands next to a bronze W wearing a mortarboard

Graduation FAQs

Get answers on how graduation works at UW, from submitting an application to graduate with the registrar's office to how to get academic apparel and navigate logistics for the big day itself.

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Career Development

Connect your degree to what's next with resources on how to articulate your experience on a resume, how to connect with alumni, and how to develop skills and experience while you're a student.

A graduating student wears a cap with "Next Stop, Grad School"

Graduate School Prep

If you know that graduate school is going to be a part of your long-term career trajectory, HAS can help with resources on how to find the program that's right for you and how to create applications that get noticed.

A student presents a research poster in the Mary Gates commons

Research Opportunities

Learn how to connect to resume-building research and presentation opportunities for undergrads while you work towards your degree in the Humanities at UW.