The Humanities Academic Center is here to serve both students and our faculty/staff community. Part of our work is to help communicate to students any important updates, events, or course promotions from departments. Read on to see what we need to help with student-facing communications requests and how to submit your request to HAS.

Event Promo
 Above: A sample student-facing communication about an upcoming lecture.

HAS has the ability to create targeted promotions for departments which includes special events like celebrations, pre-graduation event outreach, author or alumni talks, special viewing of student-produced work. HAS can create communications based on the demographics provided by staff or faculty members so that the information is purposeful and reaches the correct student audience.

To make a student-facing communications request to HAS, departments are asked to use the request form linked at the bottom of this page. Before submitting a request, departments and faculty are strongly encouraged to consider the following:

  • Who: What student population would you like to include in this event promotion? HAS can send out emails to different major or minor groups, class standings, or other demographics, but departments should consider that outreach that is targeted for specific audiences tends to have higher engagement rates than broader, more generic outreach.
  • What: What is the event featuring? If there are any special speakers who are visiting campus or through Zoom, be clear on their significance. Brevity is key here.
  • Where: Where is the event being hosted? This includes identifying the classroom location and whether or not this is an in-person or virtual event.
  • Why: Why is it important that this particular demographic of students attend this event? This is essential to effective student-facing communication. We ask that departments share exciting information about the event to draw more attention, how it relates to students' majors, or ways in which a student can apply what they've gained from the event to their post-grad careers.
  • Graphics/Photos: Please include the necessary photos that should be associated with your event.
  • A Call to Action: Include links or follow-up steps that students can use to learn more or RSVP where appropriate.
We Kindly ask that staff and faculty & Departments...
  • Allow adequate time to act on requests. Requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event so outreach can be sycned with pre-scheduled HAS communications.
  • Please fill out one form per promotion request. This will help us to triage requests.
  • Limit monthly promotion requests to three per department. This ensures promotions feel truly highlighted, increasing the likelihood of student engagement.

Submit a communications request

Please use this link to make a student-facing communications request to HAS. Our team will do our best to fulfill your request! 

(UW NetID required)