The University of Washington encourages students to explore, create, discover, and tackle big issues with curiosity, compassion and optimism. At UW, students pursue their "what's next" with a Humanities degree from one of the world's top-ranked research universities.

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With 27 majors and 42 minors that explore language and culture in innovative ways, the Humanities division truly offers something for everyone.

In the Humanities at UW, learning isn't limited to the classroom - it happens in language exchanges and editing suites, on study abroad and through exclusive externships with Amazon and Microsoft. While innovative, meaningful courses are at the core of your experience at UW, in the Humanities you can find community and discover more ways to explore when you step outside the classroom.

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We can show, not just tell: read real world examples of why (and how) the Humanities makes a difference here, and visit our data-driven career insights hub for Humanities students here.


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The research interests of our faculty and students are as wide-ranging as the cultures and civilizations our 12 departments explore. We focus on the past, present and future — from exploring the earliest collections of Buddhist manuscripts to investigating racial bias in automatic speech recognition software.

The Simpson Center for the Humanities, one of the largest humanities centers in the country, provides funding and support for fellowships, research clusters, and symposia on a wide range of research topics.

Classics has given me a framework for thinking about the world. It has given me the opportunity to study cultures different from ours but that also ended up as the roots of our own; to consider the past and how we perceive or interact with it; and to see those threads of shared humanity run throughout time.

Grecia Leal Pardo BA in Classics and Drama, 2019
portrait of Grecia Leal Pardo

What do Humanities students do after graduating?

When you study the Humanities, you’ll develop multiple perspectives and critical thinking skills that employers value, forging pathways in various industries, such as business, health care, public relations, technology and education.

UW students also get access to a robust Career & Internship Center which gives them opportunities to directly network with employers, develop their resumes, and search for specific careers and internships.

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