Faculty convene for a speech

Faculty & Staff

The Humanities Academic Services center works with departments to connect faculty, staff, and students across the Humanities division in a way that goes beyond what a single department can do; from data insights to course promotion and academic support resources, HAS is here to help.

Students gather around a laptop

Referring Students

How faculty and TAs can refer students to the resources they need if they approach you for help in or out of class, including support beyond the HAS center for mental health and financial aid.

A lecture is delivered to a packed auditorium

Academic Support Resources

Learn how the HAS team handle requests for enrollment management, classroom presentations, drop requests for non-attendance, and more.

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Course Promotion Requests

Get the word out about your course at different times of year by submitting a course promotion request to HAS.

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Student-facing Communications

HAS can assist with student-facing communications that can be targeted to specific demographics or distributed widely.

Students present data visualizations to an audience of peers

Data & Reporting

Explore how analytics can give you insight into enrollment trends, major and minor populations, and course fill rates across the Humanities.