Transferring to a new university is an exciting journey, and part of that process will be understanding how the work you've already done can apply to a UW degree program. Whether you're coming to UW from a local 2-year college or a 4-year institution somewhere else in the world, the resources below will help you get clarity with understanding what your previous coursework can be converted to for UW programs.

Washington Colleges/ UW Equivalency Guide

From Bellevue to Yakima, students can find out how courses taken at a Washington state community or technical college will transfer to the University of Washington by using the UW's Equivalency Guide. The tables contained in this guide will break down what courses in different subjects will convert to in terms of UW credit, as well as explaining what UW degree requirements these courses can count towards.

Transfer Course Evaluation Request

If you are transferring to UW from a four-year institution or a 2-year college from outside Washington state, the UW Office of Admissions will conduct the initial evaluation of your coursework and port over UW equivalents onto your transcript. However, if after that initial evaluation you received generic UW credit for coursework you feel should count for a specific UW course equivalency, you can submit a request to have your transfer coursework in different subjects evaluated. This can also apply to students coming from a 2-year Washington state college with coursework not listed in the equivalency guide -  current UW students who have recently transferred can request an evaluation for coursework connected to one of our 12 Humanities departments here.

Pre-evaluation Requests

If you are a current UW Humanities major looking at taking a class at another 4 year institution (or a 2-year college outside of Washington state) and would like to request a pre-emptive evaluation to see if that course could be used to clear a specific degree requirement if taken, our office can evaluate courses offered in a curriculum connected with one of our 12 Humanities departments. Premajors or majors outside othe Humanities should work with their assigned advisers; advisers across campus are able to evaluate courses for general education requirements.

UW Policies on Transfer Credit

While the majority of college level coursework done at other institutions will be applicable to a UW degree, in certain cases, not everything can be transferred in. Learn more about how the UW Office of Admissions awards transfer credit and what restrictions exist here.

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