Before You Start

You can learn about how to test in a given language and what to expect by selecting your language of interest from the language list further down the page. First, some important points to note:

A placement test is for students who want to study a language at UW and are trying to find the best level of course to register for.

A proficiency test is for students who do not want to study a language at UW and are only looking to clear a degree requirement for language proficiency. (The College of Arts & Sciences 1st year language requirement, JSIS, CISB, Linguistics, etc).

Some departments will have one test for placement and proficiency, and some will have separate options. If you do not see the language you are interested in listed below, it is either not taught by a Humanities-affiliated department or is not taught at the UW.

To see the full list of languages on offer at UW, please see here. To learn more about proficiency tests for languages that are not taught at UW, please visit the UW Language Learning Center's page on exit requirement testing. Placement is not available for languages not taught at UW. Still confused? Our language testing webinar with HAS Director John Charlton might help: